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Diabetic Foot Care

Because diabetes impacts your nervous system and how your blood circulates in your body, foot care is absolutely vital. Something as simple as a sprain or an infection can take much longer to heal, and if not properly looked after, can turn into something much more serious.

We'll not only help remedy any issues your diabetes is causing to your feet, but we'll help educate and come up with a plan to care for them, including examining them for cuts, keeping them clean, ensuring your toenails are properly kept, and even selecting proper footwear to ease and prevent pain.

Ingrown Toe Nails

An ingrown toe nail isn't just painful and annoying - it can pose serious health risks. When not treated right away, an ingrown toe nail can cause severe infection that can spread through the bloodstream. 

A simple procedure where we provide local anesthesia to the affected area and cut away at the ingrown nail is done right here in our clinic. Once treated, there is minimal discomfort, and in a few short weeks, you'll be back to walking pain-free!

Plantar Warts

When a plantar wart gets too big and painful to treat at home with wart remover or bandages, make an appointment with us right away. Our foot care experts will examine it and other areas on your feet to ensure the wart hasn't spread or grown any further. 

Depending on its size, a plantar wart can be treated with medication, topical creams, or by applying local anesthesia and cutting away at it. After minimal discomfort, you'll have the usual spring in your step back in no time!

Nail Care

While keeping your toenails trimmed and cleaned may seem like a no brainer, keeping them properly trimmed and cleaned can prevent ingrown nails, infections, and more. Our nail care experts will examine each toe nail for any sign of infection or improper growth, and remedy any pain your toe nails may be causing you.

To help keep your feet free of pain and infection, we'll help you come up with a plan to take proper care of your toe nails. That way we can guarantee you'll walk out of our clinic pain free.


Corns and calluses are formed through the usual wear-and-tear that comes with using our feet on a daily basis. As we use our feet, weight bearing areas will form tougher areas, which can become so tough, they become painful. Another common cause of corns and calluses are poorly fitting shoes, or simply the way your toe(s) grew.

Your corns and calluses can be treated quickly and easily by our foot specialist to provide immediate comfort. We also provide patients with important education for maintenance and prevention to help with long-term relief.

Custom Orthotics

Our feet come in many different shapes and sizes, and sometimes, those unique shapes and sizes aren't properly represented at your average shoe store. Our foot care specialists can create the perfect foot orthotic to correct your specific foot problems and lessen or remove pain. We do this by creating a 3-dimensional model of your foot, and moulding the orthotics specifically to that model.

Once we understand the specific issues your feet are causing, we'll determine the best type of orthotic for you - whether it's foot pain, muscle pain, or simply to prevent future foot pain. With a custom orthotic, you can get back to your routine with ease, and without pain.

Foot/Heel Pain

We provide a number of treatment options for those with short-term or long-term foot and heel pain. We start by diagnosing exactly what's causing your specific pain - whether it's muscular, issues with the bones or anything else - and devise a treatment plan that consists of treatments we'll do at our clinic, and things you can do at home.

With the right combination of our treatments, at-home care, and suitable footwear, we're confident that your foot or heel pain will be something you can easily walk away from!

Foot/Nail Fungus

Foot and nail fungus is a common type of infection that causes hardening of the nail or skin, which when mild can be remedied with over the counter ointments, but when become painful and burdensome, require intervention from a foot care specialist. Those with a history of athlete's foot, sweating heavily, other skin ailments such as psoriasis, diabetics, and the elderly are particularly at risk for a fungal infection.

We'll help clean and treat the affected areas, as well as recommend footwear and prevention tips. Even though fungal infections can be persistant, they're not nearly persistant as we are at ensuring you can walk pain free.


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